What is Transit-Oriented Development?


As Bus Rapid Transit ("BRT") is implemented in Indy, it will be critically important to build with transit in mind, meaning that new development around the BRT stops should evolve our places into walkable environments that support the complete transit system, including people walking, biking, and scooting. This type of development pattern will encourage long-lasting investments that will welcome new neighbors, expand opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs, and allow Indy to become more economically and environmentally resilient! 

About this Project

The implementation of the Blue Line BRT creates an opportunity to rethink how we build in our communities. This exciting reinvestment in our public transportation system will undoubtedly spur interest from the development community, particularly around transit stations and stops. This project intends to elevate our standards to make sure any new development around transit stops supports the complete transit system, so that transit can be widely accessible and seamlessly integrated into our communities. The 2016 Indianapolis-Marion County Consolidated Zoning and Subdivision Control Ordinance presents a number of opportunities and challenges to building walkable places. The intention of this project is to reassess how Indy's development regulations and outcomes relate to transportation system, and explore how our rules can be improved to support the creation and enhancement of unique, walkable places. 

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